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Kesler Tran – Lighting Workshop II….

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment
Kesler Lighting Workshop II © Marqelexsis Photography

Brita at Kesler Lighting Workshop II © Marqelexsis Photography

So, Sunday I went to another workshop hosted by Kesler Tran in downtown Los Angeles. I had been to one of Kesler’s workshops before in the past, that I discussed about in a previous blog update. This workshop was to concentrate on two light setups along with grids to show how to effect mood and balance in a photo.  This time around we would be only using one model – Brita Gartner (Print – Wilhelmina , Runway – LA Models, Commercial – NTA).

The reason I enjoyed the first meet-up and attended this second one was that Kesler’s studio really allowed you to breath in terms of spacing arrangements to allow for experimentation, that Kesler spent no time shooting himself just assisting others and that he allowed the team of photographers (4 of us) to discuss the lighting arrangements (after he explained them) then continued to take our inputs to make changes if we wanted. Overall a good creative outlet that felt to me more like a test shoot with my own personal model than a rote workshop.

I don’t want to provide all the details of each arrangement but, just provide a taste. We tried at least 4 lighting arrangements for the day all with the utilization of V-Flats (2 @ 4′ x 8′ foam core boards taped together to form a swinging hinge, we utilized 2 of these) and grids which aided in blocking and redirect light around the model / space.  One of the setups we utilized the V-Flats as fake walls offset from each other, one about a foot or two in front of the other with about a 2 foot diagonal opening for our model to walk through. This was done two fold one to block an accent light on camera left from flaring but still allowing an outline on our models left side (including the hair); the main was on camera left also gridded (we played with 10, 20, 30, 40 degree grids on both) about 15 feet from the model above her head pointed at 45 degrees.

This setup produced some dramatic effects on the V-Flats as the light fall off created deep shadows in our mock doorway but lit the models skin and hair beautifully.  In the end creating depth along with a “mood” as the light and geometric shapes of the shadows played in conflict with each other.

The other arrangements were plays using the V-Flats, Gridded Beauty Dishes and Reflectors to provide those unique contours to shadows seen in Kesler’s own style.  For the most part these weren’t the A-Typically give me catch lights in models eyes; they were darker, emotionally evocative images.  All in all I had a great time and felt that I added some further understanding of my own photography mixed with more emotional lighting arrangements; including learning that breaking photographic rules can be fun and a creative endeavor.  The shot above is one of my shots from the shoot using a 22″ – Beauty Dish and the 2 V-Cards in a horizontal fashion (laying like tents) to 1) act as reflectors and 2) act as an enclosed backdrop for our model to play in.