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Behind Yet Again…LOL

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok I’ve been behind a bit on updates, as I have been getting ready for a shoot this weekend with actress Leslie-Ann Huff, wardrobe stylist Marc LittleJohn and some of my normal team (Anglea and Carmen). But, I hope to have some recent articles on my LA Fashion week – in particular the Project Ethos @ MusicBox and BoxEight Fashion: Refocus show. I also have an article on assisting photographer Efren Beltran and Live OC Magazine on a shoot at the V20 Club in Long Beach. So, look for new things as soon as this weekend’s shoot is over. Thanks for tuning in.


LA Fashion Week – Gen Art Fresh Faces of Fashion

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Gen Art - LA Fashion WeeK 2009

So, we continued with our last outing for LA Fashion Week and the opening of Rock Fashion Week. This time we were at the 12th Annual Gen Arts – Fresh Faces of Fashion show. Gen Art is a leading arts and entertainment organization dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists. Their show was hosted at the Peterson Automotive Museum and showcased 5 emerging womenswear, menswear designers and 4 accessories designers this year:

Rory Beca
Seneca Rising
Valerj Pobega

MG Black

CC Skye
The Generic Man
Stamped L.A.

On hand were a host of celebrities as well with Debi Mazur, Johnny Galecki, Monet Mazur, Lo Bosworth, Karina Smirnoff, Nikcy Hilton, Ashley Palmer, Shiva Rose and our hostess for the evening Kaley Cuoco.

The event also featured complimentary drinks from Menage a Trois Wines, Redleaf ultra- premium bottled water and Milagro Tequila cocktails while DJ Jasepi spun the tables for the event.

Overall it was a good night with the location and layout really adding to a relaxing evening. The floor was parted into indoor and outdoor areas with the bar and DJ / Press booth separating the two sections. There were also booths which hosted the Accessories designers showcases along with art displays by Plastics Make It Possible the primary partner for the show.

The show did seem a little short but, that didn’t mean there was a lack of wear to showcase. As the designers brought out all they had for the upcoming spring collections from jeans, jackets and evening-ware I don’t think anyone went wanting. The runway presentation ranged from standard fair to I would have to say very artistic giving a good mix to the evening to help keep the audience engaged. Overall a good night to be had by all.

LA Fashion Week – Project Ethos at the House of Blues

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Last night was my first direct introduction to LA Fashion Week. My wife and I attended the Project Ethos event at the House of Blues on Sunset. Project Ethos is an organization that puts together emerging talent in the spaces of Fashion, Music and Art to bring together a new form of exposure for the artists as well as for the event goers.

This night the House of Blue played host, having a section for displayed works of art from the likes of Terry Kim and his wonderful paintings. To the music of acts like DJ Robb, The Electrolightz, Cold Flamez and Liz Paige. The designers on hand featured a varied mix from lingerie to high-end fashion. The list of designers included: Liz Cari, Private Parts, Rina Palma, Goci, Garden Party, SYC FUK and Cowgirl Heaven.