My Go-To Crew!

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Well I just realized in my last post that I should introduce my go to team whenever I do my personal project Fashion and Portraiture work as they are all fantastic and should be recognized.  From my last post you know about the fabulous makeup work of Angela Peralta and my other partners in crime are:

Another fabulous and equally talented MUA Donna Kuglar (who has a great photographic eye in her own right), she and Angela work together if you didn’t know so if you get this tag team you already are half way to a succesful shoot.

For hair my team is made up of one gal Carmen Thompson from The Hair Republic, with 20+ year of experience there is no hair this lady can’t do and if its ethic hair watch!

As far as Wardrobe stylist and my go to girl when my backs against the wall is my cuz – Tavi Thompson, give her rags and she’ll make you look famous or infamous!

Of course I can’t forget one of my mentors / creative director / great photographer in his own right – James Loy.  This guy has the eyes for details, if you need your shoot to look even better or  want to hand the reigns to a pro that can make your experienced crew feel like they are able to learn again he’s the man.

There are others that I’ll list as I move forward but these folks are my go to team when I am putting any personal projects together check out their pages, give them a jingle and they’ll make you creative vision come alive.


MUA Superhero….

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I found out to tonight that good friend and MUA (makeup artist) got a chance to work on the Golden Globes tonight. Along with her very filled calendar Angela Peralta’s work is top notch and I love working with her, she doesn’t get frazzled and get the job done. She’s part of a team of mua’s, hair and wardrobe stylist I utilize for my shoots who really can deliver on helping to bring to light your creative vision. If you have not checked some of her work outside of what is displayed on my sites then check out her pages on facebook (see link above). She really runs the gambit of skills from print, video, film to shows! If you get a chance to work with her you’ll know why she “clutch”!


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Stumbled Upon Great Art….

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End of the World 2010 © Chris Siqeria

End of the World 2010 work by Chris Siqeria (Chris Vector)

The other day I came across the work of some vector / digital illustration artists who’s work and talent was just truly inspiring and fascinating to behold. The first is a artist that really blew me away was Chris Siqueira (aka Chris Vector) and the other was Jose Paulo Amorim Reis. Both of their work while creatively different from each other truly display a aptitude for fantasy mixed with reality. The way they worked with colors and the creation of movement and lines were wonderful, I could literally spend all day looking at their work or even see it adorning my walls or utilized it for my desktop theme. Both artist work was displayed in the latest Adobe Photoshop Magazine on newsstands now.

Photo LA 2010

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This was my first time to Photo LA, located at the Santa Monica Civic center, the place was packed and had lots of great works of art / photography to see on display – with most being for sale.  The floor space was divided into booth / galleries were representatives of each groups of artisit work could be shown, discussed and sold.  The following are artists work that I found attracted my attention or engaged my senses in some manner, basically forced me to stop and inspect.  This of course doesn’t cover all the work at Photo LA 2010 and is just my assessment of what drew my eye.  That being said there was some much to see it was a little bit of sensory overload…lol (please excuse the iPhone photos just wanted to show samples of each artists work):

Haley Jane Samuelson

Haley Jane Samuelson's work @ Photo LA 2010

Haley Jane Samuelson’s work really drew my eyes as I passed her display. Her photos with the start darker tones of the environments and her subject placement spoke on some level to me of simple elegance, with a dash of innocence, where you might not think to find it. For a further look at Jane’s work check out her site:

Olaf Otto Becker

Olaf Otto Becker's Work @ Photo LA 2010

The next aritist’s work that just floored me seeing it in print was Olaf Otto Becker’s work in particular his Iceberg Rodeboy, Greenland work. The clam nature of the screen the graduated tones of simple earthly colors were just lovely to see in print. To see more of Olaf’s work check out his website:

Virginia Beachan & Laura Mcphee

Virginia Beachan & Laura Mcphee's work @ Photo LA 2010

Another artist which has mastered the art of capturing water in motion, through long exposures is the work of Virginia Beachan & Laura Mcphee’s work on the RoseGallery. The series is just pure art and I loved just staring at the photos try to look into the scene for ever nuance. To see the full RoseGallery series you head over to the RoseGallery website:

Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt's Work @ Photo LA 2010

The work of Nick Brandt should be known to everyone who enjoys photography by now. I’ve seen his Africa works grace the apges of many magazines and his books but to see them life size hanging on a wall at the Photo-Eye Gallery was truly inspiring my 3 year old just loved the lions, elephants and giraffes in his photos and the treatments which looked great in magazines looked even better on hanging display. To see more of Nick’s work check out his site:

David Trautrims

David Trautrims's work @ Photo LA 2010

The work of David Trautrims Spy Frost Project 2009 – was just simply amazing. In particular to hear that this photographer used “everyday items” to create structures that he could composite into his landscapes, as larger than life objects within those scenes was fantastic to behold. All I could say is wow I could stand there all day and just go over each scene trying to understand the correlations or even trying to decipher the exact nature of the objects themselves. The seamlessness of his composite work is just beautiful to behold. Check out more of his work at his website:

Richard Barnes

Richard Barnes's work display @ Photo LA 2010

Also in the Photo-Eye Gallery booth was the work of Richard Barnes’s Murmur series. I was transfixed by this photographers eye and patience to watch “super” flocks of birds in motion, capturing them as they essentially created art across Richard’s canvas. To see more of Richard’s work including his Animal Logic series check out his website:

Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman's work displayed @ Photo LA 2010

Another artisit who seemed to love water and icebergs but beautifully worked magic is the vision of Camille Seaman. In particular the piece “Grand Pinnacle Iceberg”, Greenland caught my attention at the show. To see more of Camille’s work check it out at:

Mark Laita's work on display @ Photo LA 2010

Mark Laita's work on display @ Photo LA 2010

Another artist that seemed a huge display of his work was Mark Laita and his Created Equal series, the portraits displaying light sepia tones, weathered/ worn real life subjects in dramatic lighting set against their opposites attracted a lot of attention besides my own. It was tough to getting the area to see his work but being that they were on display in very large prints helped out. The body of work was truly inspirational to see. To see more of Mark’s work in p check out his site but, I noticed the Created Equal series wasn’t on there, it might be that it is in print so I provided two both links: &

Tony Duran

Last but not least was a set of work that really stood out on massive display, that of Tony Duran. His fashion / portraiture work with the likes of Sandra Bullock and others was just fantastic, all in black & white his working of tones within his images really gave them a great contrast and 3-Dimension look in print. I loved them, even his more shocking work (like The Porn Room 3) display in the gallery either shocked you into looking away or into taking a further inspection…. loved it. I did not take any photos of this display but you can see more of Tony’s work via his site:

KESLER – Lighting Workshop I

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L Laurie Mannette

Laurie Mannette @ Kesler Studios

This week I had the opportunity to work with Kesler Tran at his studio is Los Angeles, CA. Kesler has a small group of photographers together to show off simple “one light” lighting techniques. In particular how one light could be utilized to play with shadows and contrast for dramatic effect. We had two models available to work with Laurie Mannette and Christine Gabriel. Both were lovely models to work with, they had lots of versatility and with 3 lighting arrangements we worked produced some wonderful images.

Again for the gear heads we utilized Speedotron Packs and 1 light. The first couple of arrangements had us using a bare 7″ reflector on camera right, the stand was about 8 – 10′ high and about 35 feet back from the model. The models were up against a bare white wall. I utilized my PhaseOne 645 + 105-210mm lens to give me some compression. I sat most of the day at ISO 50, between F8 – F11 as the lighting was preset for the Canon shooters in the group shooting at ISO 200 @ F13, so I played with the reciprocals to give me what I wanted and maximum dynamic range for play in post. We moved the model closer to the wall to increase shadow details on the wall and further from it for separation, feathered shadows but, more contrast on the models themselves.

Christine Gabriel

Christine Gabriel @ Kesler Studios

We then changed over to utilizing softer light with a a bare 22″ beauty dish about 8-10 feet camera left – from the model to give nice smooth wrap around light, smooth skin texture and in some instances a little of a spot light effect. We started this setup on somewhat of a busy background but then changed back to the white background arrangement with a contoured table utilized as a prop. On the white wall scenario we positioned the light-stand relatively close to the model, I say about 6 – 8′ this time but, we positioned it over head and to the camera left (a la modified butterfly lighting).

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience Kesler was patient and we had a range of skills with us that day. I also had the opportunity ti meet up with my buddy Efren Beltran who was there as well. If you haven’t check out Kesler’s work here is your chance to do so.

One Man CGI Publishing Comes of Age…

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Alex Roman - The Third & The Seventh

Alex Roman - The Third & The Seventh

I just got turned on to this CGI Artist – Alex Roman from one of the dealer blogs I follow… you have to check out his video for “The Third & The Seventh” masterful work and to believe its all CG makes it even better. The talk around town is that he took a year off from his regular job to produce this completely on his own. The blogs and photography websites have been a buzz with the thought that this heralds the day when CGI might take over for photography. In the end I sided with those that felt that for certain product shots where CAD work is the norm (automotive, some architectural and products) this might be the case. In particular when time is not off the essence and the data (wire frame models) are already there to produce the work. For other works Fashion, Events, Sports, Portraiture, Weddings and some product photography, the only way to go is photography since the turn-around time and cost for CGI for a piece of CGI effort could be prohibitive to the delivery schedule of the project. In parttiulcar if you see how fast the post process and changes to photo’s are done after the shoot is done and how fast it can be changed for little cost. Either way I think like video thing will merge in certain markets to a degree but, over all there will always be a place for photographers, videographers, cinematographer and CGI / Digital Artists – we’ll just have to all learn to share our splits of the pie or work together to get more of the work!

LA Fashion Week – Gen Art Fresh Faces of Fashion

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Gen Art - LA Fashion WeeK 2009

So, we continued with our last outing for LA Fashion Week and the opening of Rock Fashion Week. This time we were at the 12th Annual Gen Arts – Fresh Faces of Fashion show. Gen Art is a leading arts and entertainment organization dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists. Their show was hosted at the Peterson Automotive Museum and showcased 5 emerging womenswear, menswear designers and 4 accessories designers this year:

Rory Beca
Seneca Rising
Valerj Pobega

MG Black

CC Skye
The Generic Man
Stamped L.A.

On hand were a host of celebrities as well with Debi Mazur, Johnny Galecki, Monet Mazur, Lo Bosworth, Karina Smirnoff, Nikcy Hilton, Ashley Palmer, Shiva Rose and our hostess for the evening Kaley Cuoco.

The event also featured complimentary drinks from Menage a Trois Wines, Redleaf ultra- premium bottled water and Milagro Tequila cocktails while DJ Jasepi spun the tables for the event.

Overall it was a good night with the location and layout really adding to a relaxing evening. The floor was parted into indoor and outdoor areas with the bar and DJ / Press booth separating the two sections. There were also booths which hosted the Accessories designers showcases along with art displays by Plastics Make It Possible the primary partner for the show.

The show did seem a little short but, that didn’t mean there was a lack of wear to showcase. As the designers brought out all they had for the upcoming spring collections from jeans, jackets and evening-ware I don’t think anyone went wanting. The runway presentation ranged from standard fair to I would have to say very artistic giving a good mix to the evening to help keep the audience engaged. Overall a good night to be had by all.