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Networking in The OC….

Last night I had the opportunity to head out to a Model Mayhem meet-n-greet in orange county.  Basically a mixer for established photographers, up and comers, models and studio owners to get aquatinted.  I had the opportunity to meet some interesting new people and some I hadn’t seen for a couple of months.  The conversations were lively had over pizza, soft drinks and beer; discussions ranged from published works, lighting, management of clients and the future direction of photography in light of CGI and technology.  Some of the creatives I had the opportunity to meet and talk to were:

Efren Beltran (Photographer)
Orlando Parez (Photographer)
Kesler Tran (Photographer)
Phillip Ritchie (Photographer)
Michael Magers (Photographer)
Doug “DFresh” (Photographer)
William Tham (Photographer)
Lan Doan (Photographer / Studio Owner)

Alexis Nichole (Model)
Ahmay (Model)

Keith Beck (Makeup Artist / Special Effects)
LindaC (Model)

I’m sure I forgot some of the others but, overall I had a very good time. So, if you have the opportunity to head out to mixer or local event for whatever you might be interested in, its a good way to keep relationship building (networking) as this is a key factor in your success. So, weather it be through websitea you are interacting on, blogs, fan pages or local meeting groups (MM, Meet-Ups, Photowalk, etc.), just get out there and interact.  So, I leave you with some food for thought from the archives of Seth Godin Blog on “Blogs and Self Promotion“, which fits with the mantra of this post, network building in all its forms helps to build connections.  But, connections in and of themselves don’t mean much, as Seth likes to say a better measure is not how many people follow you, its how many of those actually trust you (i.e. in what you say, what you do and the quality of the work you bring to the table).



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