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My Go-To Crew!

Well I just realized in my last post that I should introduce my go to team whenever I do my personal project Fashion and Portraiture work as they are all fantastic and should be recognized.  From my last post you know about the fabulous makeup work of Angela Peralta and my other partners in crime are:

Another fabulous and equally talented MUA Donna Kuglar (who has a great photographic eye in her own right), she and Angela work together if you didn’t know so if you get this tag team you already are half way to a succesful shoot.

For hair my team is made up of one gal Carmen Thompson from The Hair Republic, with 20+ year of experience there is no hair this lady can’t do and if its ethic hair watch!

As far as Wardrobe stylist and my go to girl when my backs against the wall is my cuz – Tavi Thompson, give her rags and she’ll make you look famous or infamous!

Of course I can’t forget one of my mentors / creative director / great photographer in his own right – James Loy.  This guy has the eyes for details, if you need your shoot to look even better or  want to hand the reigns to a pro that can make your experienced crew feel like they are able to learn again he’s the man.

There are others that I’ll list as I move forward but these folks are my go to team when I am putting any personal projects together check out their pages, give them a jingle and they’ll make you creative vision come alive.

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