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KESLER – Lighting Workshop I

L Laurie Mannette

Laurie Mannette @ Kesler Studios

This week I had the opportunity to work with Kesler Tran at his studio is Los Angeles, CA. Kesler has a small group of photographers together to show off simple “one light” lighting techniques. In particular how one light could be utilized to play with shadows and contrast for dramatic effect. We had two models available to work with Laurie Mannette and Christine Gabriel. Both were lovely models to work with, they had lots of versatility and with 3 lighting arrangements we worked produced some wonderful images.

Again for the gear heads we utilized Speedotron Packs and 1 light. The first couple of arrangements had us using a bare 7″ reflector on camera right, the stand was about 8 – 10′ high and about 35 feet back from the model. The models were up against a bare white wall. I utilized my PhaseOne 645 + 105-210mm lens to give me some compression. I sat most of the day at ISO 50, between F8 – F11 as the lighting was preset for the Canon shooters in the group shooting at ISO 200 @ F13, so I played with the reciprocals to give me what I wanted and maximum dynamic range for play in post. We moved the model closer to the wall to increase shadow details on the wall and further from it for separation, feathered shadows but, more contrast on the models themselves.

Christine Gabriel

Christine Gabriel @ Kesler Studios

We then changed over to utilizing softer light with a a bare 22″ beauty dish about 8-10 feet camera left – from the model to give nice smooth wrap around light, smooth skin texture and in some instances a little of a spot light effect. We started this setup on somewhat of a busy background but then changed back to the white background arrangement with a contoured table utilized as a prop. On the white wall scenario we positioned the light-stand relatively close to the model, I say about 6 – 8′ this time but, we positioned it over head and to the camera left (a la modified butterfly lighting).

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience Kesler was patient and we had a range of skills with us that day. I also had the opportunity ti meet up with my buddy Efren Beltran who was there as well. If you haven’t check out Kesler’s work here is your chance to do so.

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