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One Man CGI Publishing Comes of Age…

Alex Roman - The Third & The Seventh

Alex Roman - The Third & The Seventh

I just got turned on to this CGI Artist – Alex Roman from one of the dealer blogs I follow… you have to check out his video for “The Third & The Seventh” masterful work and to believe its all CG makes it even better. The talk around town is that he took a year off from his regular job to produce this completely on his own. The blogs and photography websites have been a buzz with the thought that this heralds the day when CGI might take over for photography. In the end I sided with those that felt that for certain product shots where CAD work is the norm (automotive, some architectural and products) this might be the case. In particular when time is not off the essence and the data (wire frame models) are already there to produce the work. For other works Fashion, Events, Sports, Portraiture, Weddings and some product photography, the only way to go is photography since the turn-around time and cost for CGI for a piece of CGI effort could be prohibitive to the delivery schedule of the project. In parttiulcar if you see how fast the post process and changes to photo’s are done after the shoot is done and how fast it can be changed for little cost. Either way I think like video thing will merge in certain markets to a degree but, over all there will always be a place for photographers, videographers, cinematographer and CGI / Digital Artists – we’ll just have to all learn to share our splits of the pie or work together to get more of the work!

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