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Cherish Your Heritage Shoot w/Efren Beltran

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with a fellow photographer and friend Efren Beltran. If you don’t know his work check it out, I think he’s an up and comer doing some fabulous work. I also think he’s a social networking king he’s seems to be everywhere so, not sure how you could be missing him. Basically Efren called me up asking if I’d like to join him on his most recent shoot to 1) Look over his shoulder and 2) To assist with lighting / setup where needed. How could I refuse!

His shoot was for CYH Magazine and was in collaboration with designer Jazmin Whitley of Li Carli (House of Jazmin on MTV). The shoot was held on location at a Tile Store / Warehouse in Montebello and the shoot theme was about “Emboldened Woman”. Basically my rap on the theme is it was about women’s rise in status within the workplace, their more dominate roles as breadwinners at home and keeping it altogether with Fashion. So, being essentially a editorial shoot the team depicted the models in high fashion at home, entering the office and in control at work, from the warehouse floor to outside on the lifts. Overall the shoot went well although I had to leave early to head to a Fashion Show that same evening but, from the 3 setups we performed the images were coming along wonderfully coupled with Jazmin’s great fashions and the strong models Efren had to work with I can’t wait to see the finished work in print.

For gear heads we shot with Hensel lighting usually employing 2 – 4 lights depending on how Efren wanted to illuminate the shadows or keep the mood. We used pocket wizards to trigger the lights and used the occasional Lowel hot-lights Efren brought along when we needed a little extra kicker or spot. We also utilized gridded reflectors and gridded beauty dishes as well.

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