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Photography Adventure @ The Grand Tetons

Jackson Lake @ Grand Tetons, WY

Sunset at Jackson Lake

It seems that no matter how many times I head out to our national parks I am amazed at the forethought that went into preserving these wonderful places for us to take in. I went out for my first trip to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming this Fall. I went there to join Craig Tanner and The Mindful Eye team for a photography workshop. Basically we spent a week learning to push our creative limits and take constructive critique in a fast paced environment. These workshop aren’t for everyone but, it definitely was for me. In particular the tight schedule and fast pace was difficult but, thrilling when it was all said and done.

For example our week began with a night time introduction to our instructors and the structure for the week to come. We then began each morning between 4:30 – 5:30AM starts; with 3 assignments (ex. skies, reflections, free) in which we would all drive out to a location (where some of us had never been to before) and shoot with these assignments in mind to fulfill the requirements. Then we would be left at the site to shoot as we saw fit while the instructors came around asking us if we needed assistance (at no time did the shoot the subjects with us which was different). After about 2 hours the instructors informed us we could stay to continue to shoot or leave to go eat breakfast prior to our lab time. During the middle of the day when light as harshest we spent in the classroom taking on instruction of different photography topics throughout the week (ex. creative techniques, social impacts of photography, composition, etc.). After about day 2 these classroom sessions included critiques of everyone work by the instructors and comments from fellow photographers (optional of course). In the end I received more than what I thought from the workshop, I think I summed it up best in my glowing review of the course:

“I had come to the workshop looking for a greater understanding of how to assess a scene, understand compositional relationships and combined with the right light “make” rather than “take” photos. Along the way though I received other intangibles, the ability to see through other photographers eyes the same scene captured by their experiences, the camaraderie of good people and a personal appreciation for the vistas that our locations opened to us. In the end I received a greater insight into myself, what I wanted out of photography and the workshop pushed me to think about the impact my photography might have upon others as a I progressed through my journey. I don’t think anyone could ask for anything more from a workshop, at least I can’t.”

So, you have to say it was a successful workshop and trip rolled into one. If you are looking to grow as a photographer, truly be challenged on a workshop and want to experience great locations with good people then in my opinion, you cant get any better for your dollar than with what the The Mindful Eye workshops offer.

To see my selection of work from the workshop check out my Grand Tetons Editorial in the Featured Gallery section of my website or click the link to be taken directly there: Featured Gallery

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